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Unity 3.2


Unity 3.2 is out! The most exciting new feature for me is the ability to profile standalone player builds directly in the Editor. Including iOS builds. Previously I optimised my code based on how my game ran in the Editor. But things on iOS often run differently than they do in OSX. Now I can play my game directly on my iPad while keeping an eye on the Unity Profiler.

But keeping one eye on the game and one eye on my monitor has proved awkward. By the time I can move my hand to the keyboard to pause XCode whatever caused the frame rate spikes has passed. Sure, I could scrub back in Unity to see the code, but my spikes are of a rendering nature - all lumped under a single time consuming line in the profiler. I need to go back in time to see on the iPad what visually changed to discover the cause of the spike. I need a time machine. And that time machine is my Nikon. It’s now set it up to film while I play, then I scrub through the resulting Quicktime to easily determine how to best optimise the game. The above is a screen shot from one of those quicktimes.

I still have lots of optimisation left, but with the help of the new profiler in 3.2 it’s a much more enjoyable job.
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