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Games Day Podcast Wings Night


Last night I met up with a few fellow gamers in the London game scene - from Games Day Podcast, GamerPops amongst others. We ate tasty wings, metre long hotdogs, and talked games. We speculated on what Nintendo might actually announce at E3, and what else we were looking forward to hearing and seeing from there.

I also brought my iPad, and for the first time shared my game publicly.

Prior to yesterday the game was still in alpha. Yesterday was my beta milestone! So I was nervous going into the evening.... But, after a long hard week of coding, my game was well received! For being a single indie developer alone in a room with a computer and a vision of a game, my first outing was exhilarting and the feedback I got was fantastic. I feel very motivated and eager to get this game out very soon. It’s been an exciting week.



I’ve been puzzling on how best to organise some code I need to write - the code that handles clouds. I’ve banged my head against the problem without coming up with a satisfactory solution, so I decided the best course of action was to take a break. Get away from the blank text editor that was taunting me.

I shuffled through my photographs of my last visit to the Caribbean, then painted some clouds based on the weather I had enjoyed. All very enjoyable procrastination - and then suddenly it stopped being procrastination as an epiphany struck my brain. So, a big “thank you” goes out to my subconscious for solving my coding problem while I enjoyed myself elsewhere.