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I'm Making a Game!

Sin or Win, Thursday December 15th


Sin or Win has a release date! Thursday, December 15th.

It’s been a wonderful journey. Last year, waiting to board a flight home, my wife and I had a germ of an idea - use the iPad’s wonderfully large touch screen to create an experience that could only be played with fingers. No mice, no trackpads. Something tactile and engaging. Something that paid homage to games I loved as a child, but something that was a new experience. Over the months I worked to realise my vision, continuously making small adjustments in response to player feedback.

It’s been a lot of very rewarding hard work. At times the going got very tough, part of me just wanted to abandon the effort. Game development, I learned, is tough. Especially while working solo. Continuously pushing me forward was the wonderful support of my wife, my family and the game community. It’s been incredible meeting so many supportive new friends in the game community.

Version one is complete. Version one point one starts tomorrow. I truly hope Sin or Win is just the start of a fantastic new journey.

See the release date announcement on

We'll be at DIG London!

DIG 2011

I’m super excited to be bringing Sin or Win to DIG this year. We’ll be there with a playable preview on Wednesday 16th from 5pm to 7pm. So come hang out and get hands-on with Sin or Win. And if you’re interested in game design, development or the Unity game engine please stop by with your questions. I’ll try to help.

I would have loved to attend the whole conference as there looks to be some great speakers and events, but someone has to stay back and finish up Sin or Win.

I also had two posters printed up for the event. And I’m very pleased with how they turned out. I don’t tend to work in print, so was astonished to see how big 24”x36” really is. That’s 5574cm2 of Sin or Win glossy goodness!


Thanks to Greg Picken of Gamer Pops for inviting me to DIG.


Dwarves ate my Homework


This summer Toxic Blob announced Sin or Win would be released in September. I should have used the more appropriate term “soon”. I don’t want to launch a compromised Sin or Win so today I’m announcing that my new target is to release soon. Towards the end of 2011.

That I’m not releasing in September likely isn’t much of a surprise - September has flown past - so what happened? Why delay?

Toxic Blob exists to make awesome games and to fulfil my passion for cross-disciplinary creativity. But it’s not a day job. Not yet. For the past year, between visual effects projects, I have been self-funding Toxic Blob’s development of Sin or Win.

Some VFX work early in 2011 earned me several frugal months of Sin or Win development. No one noticed the delay because Toxic Blob was still in stealth mode. This summer I was presented with an opportunity to do some modelling, rigging and animation on Tarsem Singh‘s Untitled Snow White film. I needed the money and it was a fantastic opportunity; I’d be working with old friends & talented artists on what’ll be a beautiful sequence. After careful consideration I decided to work on Snow White.

Problem was… Sin or Win was taking slightly longer than expected to polish and I quickly found it impossible to balance family and VFX and Sin or Win development. If I worked insane hours I could work on both the film & Sin or Win, but I’d have to neglect sleep and my family. Years ago I vowed to work smarter, not longer. So I set aside Sin or Win until after I completed my work on Snow White.

The upside of today’s announcement is that my subconscious didn’t stop thinking about the game. When I was in the shower, at my bowl of cereal or waiting for files to download, ideas were germinating. I find taking time from the nitty gritty of development does that. I now have even more great ideas on how to expand Sin or Win! I think you’re really going to enjoy them.

There is a dichotomy when playing Sin or Win; players either play to earn a high winning score, or for a sinning score. The trick is that sinning poorly causes the game to end. Sinning well requires the player to be a damned fine talent. As I’ve had such a superb response from people who have played Sin or Win as it is, I’ve made the decision to release after polishing. Then in the new year I’ll expand the experience.

I want to thank everyone who has been incredibly supportive and for your anticipation of Sin or Win. I’m now focusing solely on Sin or Win and will be keeping you informed of any news and developments here at And, soon, I’ll be announcing the specific release date.

Games Day Podcast Wings Night


Last night I met up with a few fellow gamers in the London game scene - from Games Day Podcast, GamerPops amongst others. We ate tasty wings, metre long hotdogs, and talked games. We speculated on what Nintendo might actually announce at E3, and what else we were looking forward to hearing and seeing from there.

I also brought my iPad, and for the first time shared my game publicly.

Prior to yesterday the game was still in alpha. Yesterday was my beta milestone! So I was nervous going into the evening.... But, after a long hard week of coding, my game was well received! For being a single indie developer alone in a room with a computer and a vision of a game, my first outing was exhilarting and the feedback I got was fantastic. I feel very motivated and eager to get this game out very soon. It’s been an exciting week.


I’m a Film VFX Artist by day, Unity3D Game Designer by night, and commercials director by occasion. Toxic Blob is the outlet for my games.

A brief history: I’ve always wanted to make games, but apart from a summer creating image for
Celtica, I never landed a job in the game industry. Instead I ended up with a job in the film industry first, so I put aside my game dreams. Skip ahead to 2008. A friend introduced me to Unity, and I then enjoyed geeking out by reading their docs. My game dreams awakened. When my PC up and died I bought a Mac and Unity. It’d be two more years before I’d be able to find the time to start developing a game.

With the programming, painting, animating and planning experience I learned while in the film industry I would make a game. An iPad game.

On this blog, and on
twitter I’ll publish my thoughts and w.i.p. images during my developing. I’m already midway through my production, so I’ll be catching up for a bit. I hope everyone enjoys this “behind the scenes” and, ultimately, my game.